Friday, 10 June 2016

Rage Pretzels

Brené Brown talks about being vulnerable, naming your shame, sharing your stories with people who have earned the right to hear them...... which takes a lot of courage.

Sista is that person for me.  We can be brave and courageous with each other!

We name our shame, pick at the vulnerable parts and lay them out like a picnic on a blanket and invite each other to sit and share.  

We name the shames, explore the tender spots  and  find places where love fits instead.  Then, we toss the garbage and end with a hug, smile and we might even laugh until we pee a little. (Damn you age and babies...)

I feel the need to say, if it was a real picnic, Sista would have the super healthy one with lots of greens and legumes, no meat and delish sugar free, wheat free snacks! She works hard to provide a good dietary foundation for her family.

Mine would be brownies and licorice.

Last night Sista texted me from evening swimming lessons with her kids:

It read:

Today C broke me this morning with another epic tantrum.  I'm still broken  

I just want to climb into bed and not get out. But I am at swimming lessons and then I will battle showers.

Bought kids huge pretzels at Farmers Market and called it "dinner".  I'm 100% serious.  But as I type this, I see the humor in it.  I did it out of RAGE. 


Unbelievably, they never asked for more food.

Rage Pretzels.....
I love it!!

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